Finding The Best Location For You To Bug Out When The Time Comes

By | July 6, 2017
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When it comes time to bug out, you need to make sure that you’re heading to the right destination. It’s always best to have a plan well before a disaster situation actually happens.

You don’t want to leave anything to chance. If you haven’t chosen a site yet, you’ll want to avoid the mass mentality. Camping out and getting to the woods like touristy forest areas will be on everyone’s mind – so don’t go there.

Remember that during a time of chaos, being in a crowd of people isn’t what’s best. That old rule that there’s safety in numbers doesn’t apply when a disaster situation occurs.

It’s every man for himself. You want to make sure that your location – if you have to head out on foot – is somewhere that’s not as populated. Get away from the people. Head out deep into the woods in a pre-scouted location if possible.

Get to abandoned land spots that can offer you a place to gather your thoughts and rest. The location that you pick should be off the beaten track enough to keep you safe from people, but it should offer things like a water supply, a good area to set up a shelter, like a good camping tent, and the ability to hunt or fish – preferably both.

Work toward buying your own piece of wooded property that you can go too. This doesn’t mean that others won’t try to homestead with you, but it does mean that someone else won’t be throwing you off of their property.

You’ll want a location where you can see others coming so that you’re not easily ambushed. For homestead scouting, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind for when everything around you turns into chaos.

Having a good place to homestead can ensure your safety as well as your long term survival. Ahead of time, know the population count of the area. Figure out whether or not the area will become overrun from an influx of people trying to escape the chaos.

Look for any possible obstacles that might stand in your way that would keep you from reaching the location during a disaster time. The key to homestead scouting is to make sure that the area you pick will not be touched by the upheaval that you left behind.

The area needs to have a way that you can create a sustainable, renewable source of food. So that means you need to know the growing potential of the land. Not all soil is good for growing things.

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You’ll want to know what the weather is going to be like – because if you’re going to be using a rain barrel system, you’ll need to figure what the potential supply could be. You’ll need to make sure that the homestead area isn’t easily accessed by any major roads.

You don’t want those fleeing the chaotic situation you left behind showing up. Your homestead area should have shelter structures on it that you either planned for in advance or you can turn into long term shelter if necessary.

The area should also be one that isn’t in a flood zone. You’ll need room to house animals like cows and chickens to help sustain life. Prepare all of this before you need it if you can. If not, scout the location that you believe will allow you to be able to set up a new normal again.

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